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Have You Tried Eco-friendly Cleaning in London yet? Read more!

Have You Tried Eco-friendly Cleaning in London yet?

Today being eco-friendly means a lot for many of us who cares about own health, the health of the family, friends, pets and the whole planet as our living and breathing environment. When it comes to cleaning being as eco-friendly as possible isn’t an exception. Eco-friendly cleaning in London is especially in demand service nowadays.


Luckily, there is a choice of green brands supplying cleaning products for eco-friendly cleaning, in London and outside. Such products are kinder to the environment and have a lesser negative direct or indirect effects than most of the regular cleaning products available on the market, which are unfortunately still widely used in many households.

For that matter, as an experienced eco-friendly cleaning in London – Cleaning Leaf company – we’ve selected some of the green brands, which are tested and recommended by us and our customers:

  • Ecover offers everything from kitchen, toilet and bathroom to all purpose cleaners. Even the Power Cleaner, for instance, is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, which totally biodegrades and fast enough. The brand has been on the market for over 35 years and know very well why recycling of their products is so important for the planet. Ecover products are also softer on skin. Only natural fragrances are used, which disappear quickly and has no harmful effects.
  • Method produces a lot of good stuff from glass and everyday kitchen and bathroom cleaners to hard floor and multi-surface cleaners, which are non-toxic with natural components and biodegradable. They also come in recyclable packaging. Plant-based power-green technology is used to produce the products; they have a rather pleasant smells as well.
  • The Bio-D is a family-owned ethical cleaning brand with an extensive range of products, which provide exceptional results. They are readily biodegradable as they are derived from natural raw materials. Suitable for sensitive skin. The products have a minimum impact on the environment and are cruelty free. Approved by BUAV and Vegan society.
  • EcoLeaf, a green brand which manufactures their products with natural components. They are designed consciously – recyclable, have no toxins or hazardous elements and not tested on animals. The product range covers all main areas of everyday and thorough cleaning. Their products contain natural fragrance and provide great cleaning performance.

You can trust our cleaning expertise – the years of eco-friendly cleaning in London and the knowledge of a large number of products which have been tested. We know what works best giving the desired results without undesired side-effects and reducing many possible harmful effects to the environment.

Have you switched to eco-friendly cleaning in London yet? What’s your ecological footprint? Contact Eco-friendly Cleaning Leaf Company and let us help you. There is a cleaner way to clean and we know how to do it.