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Danger and possible side effects of harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

As much as it is very important keeping your house or flat clean, it is also quite essential to pay attention to what kind of cleaning products you use within your household and what chemicals they may contain. As a matter of fact, lots of cleaning products have dangerous and hazardous chemicals in them, which can be extremely dangerous to your health and the health of your family. You should be especially careful about what products you use if you have kids or pets in the house.

Have a look at the labels at the back of the cleaning products you normally use and you’ll find the symbols there indicating that they indeed have at least some harmful ingredients in them. Most toilet and oven cleaners, dishwasher detergents, carpet cleaners and a number of other cleaning products can be extremely unsafe as they are aimed for the most stubborn tough dirt. They might do a fantastic cleaning job, but is there any danger and possible side effects in using them? Unfortunately, yes and perhaps way more than you’d have thought.

Such ingredient as ammonia, phenols, sodium or potassium hypochlorite, diethylene glycol, hypochloric acid and some other are quite harmful ingredients. It’s not just about wearing gloves while you’re cleaning or making sure you wash your hands after use and keep your cleaning products in a safe place and well away from kids (Even though that’s important as well!). Remember, once you spray a product or open a bottle, the chemicals can and will be released to the environment. They’ll be in the air you breathe and all around. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

Don’t underestimate the importance of using ecological green products. They are not only about your carbon footprint but your own health and safety as well. You may not be able to find all products completely free of any harsh chemicals but you should always try to keep the potential danger and possible side effects to the minimum. In Greenleaf cleaning company, which offers eco-friendly cleaning services, we do recommend using eco-products. Hiring a professional cleaning service, which prioritises eco-products(like us), would be the best option. Such services always try to choose least harmful products for the best results.

Keep your home clean and maintain safe and healthy environment at the same time at all times – during, after and between cleanings. It’s one of the reasons why our clients at Greenleaf Company chosen us in the first place and recommend our services to their friends. With Greenleaf Cleaning Services you are in safe hands.

If you need help with Eco Cleaning Services our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning as Domestic Cleaning, One Off cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning in London..

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