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Do you want to make your cleaning even greener? Invest in a steam cleaner.

Do you want to make your cleaning even greener?

Invest in a steam cleaner.

Let me guess what you keep in your kitchen under the sink…. Hmm. A variety of plastic bottles of possible sizes and colours with cleaning liquids inside. Some of those might be toxic and harmful and while very potent to clean and disinfect your house they also cause pollution to your indoor air and might lead to some physical damage to our bodies in the long run, such as asthma, allergies and damage of the central nervous systems to name a few. We have been strongly advocating eco-friendly products such as Ecover, Mehod and Bio-D, however there is another way to make your cleaning routine even greener and just as effective as using cleaning detergents. Invest in a steam cleaner and steam clean your house!


A steam cleaner is a machine with a water tank where water is heated to 140 F generating steam which is a very powerful cleansing agent not requiring any additional cleaning solution. The steam is safe to use on virtually every household surface including floors, toilets, kitchen, tiled area, windows, most types of the carpet and upholstery. The majority of steam cleaners come complete with a set of attachments suitable for different types of surfaces which make the work of cleaning house surfaces a piece of cake, enabling you to get in some tricky places, such as clips and fixtures that hold your toilet seat down and are a nightmare to have cleaned properly.

You can also use some models to make your clothing free from wrinkles – you would be amazed how much quicker the method than ironing! Another thing a steamer would be brilliant at is cleaning your mattresses in between the changes, it only takes 5-10 minutes. A car seat where your little one enjoyed marmalade sandwiches could be easily steam-cleaned too, removing sticky stuff along with germs and bacteria.

If you need help with Eco Green Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as Green Spring Cleaning, One Off Cleaning.

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