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How to choose a reliable office cleaning provider

Awhile ago we discussed what it takes to find a reliable household cleaning service provider. This month it only makes sense do discuss what makes a good commercial property cleaning service supplier.
Again, the choice is vast so you have to know for sure what to pay attention to whilst searching for a reliable cleaning provider.
First of all, establish how long the company has been in business. 5 years experience is a good number. Having said that, it’s a very dynamic time for practically every industry so adaptability and modern approach is crucial.
The presence of necessary Health & Safety policies as well as COSH sheets is important- you want to make sure that your colleagues and you are in safe hands and the legal regulations are adhered to. If the company is certified by such bodies as SafeContractor or CHAS that is a sure sign that health and safety is taken seriously.
Quality monitoring is the cornerstone of every office cleaning service. If your office is big and requires a few cleaning operatives all day long, most likely you will have a manager who will be on the site most of the time monitoring the quality. If your office however requires only 2 hours daily or even less, a cleaner would be allocated to your premises, who will be left to her/ his devices and the quality of work will depend on their attention to detail, ability to work without supervision and their experience in the field. Relying on an individual is tricky. A serious service provider will have a programme in place which would enable to monitor the quality. This would normally include a regular schedule of spot-checks and reports, with further relevant steps, such as more frequent spot- checks , further training provided to the operatives or replacing them if necessary, shall the spot – check reports indicate poor quality of cleaning on site.
Finally, being a member of a recognised professional organisation is an advantage, in cleaning industry that would be BICS ( The British Institute of Cleaning Science). Keep in mind though, that any membership costs money which are inevitably reflected on the cost of the service.
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