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Spring clean is in the air

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For those of us who hasn’t come around doing their spring clean this year, it’s high time for you to jump on the case. Your home will be grateful for the effort of airing, cleaning and de-cluttering and you will feel different too – proud of your job and your lovely home.


Those are the basic rules of a proper spring clean:

– Motivate yourself. Flick through glossy interior magazines. Beautiful homes aren’t’ they? Your home deserves look lovely too! A bit of an effort goes a long way and will make your home fresher, sunnier, neater, calmer and more lovable – that what your sanctuary should feel like.

– Declutter your space and reorganise the drawers. An important thing to do for any household
– especially as we do not perform this often while we do buy new staff regularly – be it a new jumper, new toy or new tea cup.

– Attend to cleaning tasks which you do not do on regular basis, this could be

• Cleaning your windows
• Dusting your lamp shades and fixtures
• Dusting ventilation fans
• Changing the filters in your fan extractors or degreasing the ones that do not change
• Cleaning your garden/ balcony furniture
• Wash your sofa pillow covers and throws
• Wash/ dry clean your curtains and nets – they have been accumulating dust the whole winter and it has to go.
• Refresh you carpets by steam cleaning them.
• Wash mattress covers and steam clean the mattress.

– Try making it fun by getting some help from your friends and family, putting on an energizing music and rewarding herself after the job has been completed by going out for a dinner, treating yourself to a new dress, lipstick, new pair of shoes or anything you have been fancy but couldn’t justify buying because you do have loads of dresses/ lipsticks/ shoes etc. Hopefully you got rid of a few items while de-clattering and now there is a room in your wardrobe for new things!

If you need help with Spring Cleaning in London our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as with Domestic Cleaners in London and Cleaning Services in London.

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