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Which Eco-friendly cleaning products are really Eco-friendly?

Which Eco-friendly cleaning products are really Eco-friendly?

For a long time I thought that a cleaning product with a label Eco- friendly / from environmental range / Earth- friendly / Green / non-toxic / natural, etc. is in fact bio- degradable and harmless for the environment. Until one of our clients complained that the products we used in his household is not that green as he wished/ we promised.



I requested a COSHH sheet for the product from the manufacturer and to my embarrassment it indeed said that it might be harmful to the aquatic life. I am not going to tell you what is the brand and what is the product, but it is explicitly says on the bottle that it is from Environmental Range. So came the realisation that not all green cleaning products are the same and in fact not all of them as green as they claim.

It’s called greenwashing, in case you didn’t know. Wikipedia defines the term as a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately not all of us are chemists and even if we read the ingredient list very carefully we still might not be able to identify the hidden threats. So what we are going to do in our next posts, is to choose brands, request their COSHH sheets and look behind the label saying Eco friendly! Watch this space!

If you need help with Eco Green Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as Domestic Eco Cleaning and Commercial and Office Eco Cleaning.
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How to choose a reliable office cleaning provider

Awhile ago we discussed what it takes to find a reliable household cleaning service provider. This month it only makes sense do discuss what makes a good commercial property cleaning service supplier.
Again, the choice is vast so you have to know for sure what to pay attention to whilst searching for a reliable cleaning provider.
First of all, establish how long the company has been in business. 5 years experience is a good number. Having said that, it’s a very dynamic time for practically every industry so adaptability and modern approach is crucial.
The presence of necessary Health & Safety policies as well as COSH sheets is important- you want to make sure that your colleagues and you are in safe hands and the legal regulations are adhered to. If the company is certified by such bodies as SafeContractor or CHAS that is a sure sign that health and safety is taken seriously.
Quality monitoring is the cornerstone of every office cleaning service. If your office is big and requires a few cleaning operatives all day long, most likely you will have a manager who will be on the site most of the time monitoring the quality. If your office however requires only 2 hours daily or even less, a cleaner would be allocated to your premises, who will be left to her/ his devices and the quality of work will depend on their attention to detail, ability to work without supervision and their experience in the field. Relying on an individual is tricky. A serious service provider will have a programme in place which would enable to monitor the quality. This would normally include a regular schedule of spot-checks and reports, with further relevant steps, such as more frequent spot- checks , further training provided to the operatives or replacing them if necessary, shall the spot – check reports indicate poor quality of cleaning on site.
Finally, being a member of a recognised professional organisation is an advantage, in cleaning industry that would be BICS ( The British Institute of Cleaning Science). Keep in mind though, that any membership costs money which are inevitably reflected on the cost of the service.
If you need help with a Reliable office cleaning provider in London or Office Cleaning our GreenLeaf Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular service.
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Do you want to make your cleaning even greener? Invest in a steam cleaner.

Do you want to make your cleaning even greener?

Invest in a steam cleaner.

Let me guess what you keep in your kitchen under the sink…. Hmm. A variety of plastic bottles of possible sizes and colours with cleaning liquids inside. Some of those might be toxic and harmful and while very potent to clean and disinfect your house they also cause pollution to your indoor air and might lead to some physical damage to our bodies in the long run, such as asthma, allergies and damage of the central nervous systems to name a few. We have been strongly advocating eco-friendly products such as Ecover, Mehod and Bio-D, however there is another way to make your cleaning routine even greener and just as effective as using cleaning detergents. Invest in a steam cleaner and steam clean your house!


A steam cleaner is a machine with a water tank where water is heated to 140 F generating steam which is a very powerful cleansing agent not requiring any additional cleaning solution. The steam is safe to use on virtually every household surface including floors, toilets, kitchen, tiled area, windows, most types of the carpet and upholstery. The majority of steam cleaners come complete with a set of attachments suitable for different types of surfaces which make the work of cleaning house surfaces a piece of cake, enabling you to get in some tricky places, such as clips and fixtures that hold your toilet seat down and are a nightmare to have cleaned properly.

You can also use some models to make your clothing free from wrinkles – you would be amazed how much quicker the method than ironing! Another thing a steamer would be brilliant at is cleaning your mattresses in between the changes, it only takes 5-10 minutes. A car seat where your little one enjoyed marmalade sandwiches could be easily steam-cleaned too, removing sticky stuff along with germs and bacteria.

If you need help with Eco Green Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as Green Spring Cleaning, One Off Cleaning.

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How to choose a reliable cleaning service provider for your household.

London’s life style is busy, not to say manic. The key to freeing some time for something you really want/ need to do is to delegate some chores to professionals. The cleaning would be probably the easiest one to source out. But how to tell a reliable service provider from dubious ones on the market?


First option and the most obvious one is of course to go by a recommendation of a friend/ colleague/ neighbours/ etc.

If the recommendation doesn’t happen though, it means you will have to do your own research which is a piece of cake nowadays, taking into account the amount of information on the Internet.

Choose a few companies by your prime requirements, which could be be the type of cleaning your require , price range and their coverage of area you live in. Now you can read reviews on their services on sites like G+, Yell, Yelp, Facebook, Checkatrade, etc.

Once you made sure that people are generally happy with their service, you can call/ email to the companies and ask about their availability, the cleaners they have on board, their vetting system and any other questions you might have.

It makes sense to enquire about the minimum contract (if any) so you have peace of mind shall you have change of hearts and decide to terminate the service. Be aware, some companies might have quite a lengthy minimum contact.

Another important thing to ask if the company holds a Public Liability Insurance and what would it cover.

A good question undoubtedly would be, how long the company has been in the business. A well established company would have the necessary experience and procedures in place to make sure they provide quality, reliable and value for money service.

Ask the company of your choice if you can try them out before signing for regular service. You might have to pay One Off charges but you will have the chance to experience the service and get the feeling what it is going to be like using them in the future.

Final advise would be to have a good communication level with the company you signed up to clean your premises. Like it – say it, don’t like it- say it too. All clients are different and so are their expectations. Don’t just be complacent and quietly unhappy about the cleaning service you receive. You deserve nothing less than 1st class service!
If you need help with Household Domestic Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as Domestic Cleaning, End of Tenancy and Move Out Cleaning.
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You Are Not Buying Cleaning Service, You Are Buying Yourself Some Free Time

You Are Not Buying Cleaning Service, You Are Buying Yourself Some Free Time.

Engaging a cleaning company an individual to help you with house chores is not really and not always about not wantingto do it yourself. It’s about getting these 3-4 hours all for yourself which we are urban dwellers are so desperately short of. Do we exercise enough to keep us healthy and strong? Do we have enough time to nourish our bodies with healthy food we cook from the scratch, which is in itself fascinating and gratifying experience? Do we pay enough attention and spare enough time to our loved ones and maintain those very important to us relationships?  I bet many of us will answer negatively to all those questions.Here are a few very simple and highly enjoyable things you could be doing instead of scrubbing the bathtub of yours.


  • NHS recommends that to stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily and should do:
  • at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or fast walking every week, and
  • strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms).


  • Do something good for your soul and for your mental health.

Londoners are so lucky to have so many green parks which are free and open to the public daily. When did you take a walk through a park last time without rushing anywhere and simply enjoying the scenery around you and breathing fresh air? Now, you’ve got a perfect excuse to take a stroll with a few extra hours on your hands while your home gets a professional cleaning.A change of scene or a change of pace is good for your mental health. A few minutes can be enough to de-stress you.Walking fast is counted as a moderate aerobic activity by the way, so you tick a few boxes here!

  • Do something together with your family.

Another fabulous thing about London is that it’s got some of the best museums and tourists attractions in the world. Have some fun and quality time visiting them, be it The Science Museum or The Natural History Museum – there is plenty to choose from.It surely more interesting, beneficial and connecting than you cleaning the house and them watching TV. The physiologists say that the problem 90% of modern families face nowadays is the lack of time they spend together as a family and lack of activities which would connect the families.

  • Invest this time into your children future.

3 hours of your time equals to 3 extra hours of study with your children. Did you now that top achievers in school do 14 hours of homework a week? Surely the parental drive, effort and crucially he time here one of the key factors.

Leave cleaning chores to the professionals; invest free time in yourself, family and friends.

If you need help with Regular Domestic Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning well as Domestic Cleaning, One Off cleaning and Spring Cleaning.

Visit our website for more information or call via free phone number:  0800 032 6248


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Danger and possible side effects of harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

As much as it is very important keeping your house or flat clean, it is also quite essential to pay attention to what kind of cleaning products you use within your household and what chemicals they may contain. As a matter of fact, lots of cleaning products have dangerous and hazardous chemicals in them, which can be extremely dangerous to your health and the health of your family. You should be especially careful about what products you use if you have kids or pets in the house.

Have a look at the labels at the back of the cleaning products you normally use and you’ll find the symbols there indicating that they indeed have at least some harmful ingredients in them. Most toilet and oven cleaners, dishwasher detergents, carpet cleaners and a number of other cleaning products can be extremely unsafe as they are aimed for the most stubborn tough dirt. They might do a fantastic cleaning job, but is there any danger and possible side effects in using them? Unfortunately, yes and perhaps way more than you’d have thought.

Such ingredient as ammonia, phenols, sodium or potassium hypochlorite, diethylene glycol, hypochloric acid and some other are quite harmful ingredients. It’s not just about wearing gloves while you’re cleaning or making sure you wash your hands after use and keep your cleaning products in a safe place and well away from kids (Even though that’s important as well!). Remember, once you spray a product or open a bottle, the chemicals can and will be released to the environment. They’ll be in the air you breathe and all around. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

Don’t underestimate the importance of using ecological green products. They are not only about your carbon footprint but your own health and safety as well. You may not be able to find all products completely free of any harsh chemicals but you should always try to keep the potential danger and possible side effects to the minimum. In Greenleaf cleaning company, which offers eco-friendly cleaning services, we do recommend using eco-products. Hiring a professional cleaning service, which prioritises eco-products(like us), would be the best option. Such services always try to choose least harmful products for the best results.

Keep your home clean and maintain safe and healthy environment at the same time at all times – during, after and between cleanings. It’s one of the reasons why our clients at Greenleaf Company chosen us in the first place and recommend our services to their friends. With Greenleaf Cleaning Services you are in safe hands.

If you need help with Eco Cleaning Services our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleaning as Domestic Cleaning, One Off cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning in London..

Visit our website for more information or call via free phone number: 0800 032 6248

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Have You Tried Eco-friendly Cleaning in London yet? Read more!

Have You Tried Eco-friendly Cleaning in London yet?

Today being eco-friendly means a lot for many of us who cares about own health, the health of the family, friends, pets and the whole planet as our living and breathing environment. When it comes to cleaning being as eco-friendly as possible isn’t an exception. Eco-friendly cleaning in London is especially in demand service nowadays.


Luckily, there is a choice of green brands supplying cleaning products for eco-friendly cleaning, in London and outside. Such products are kinder to the environment and have a lesser negative direct or indirect effects than most of the regular cleaning products available on the market, which are unfortunately still widely used in many households.

For that matter, as an experienced eco-friendly cleaning in London – Cleaning Leaf company – we’ve selected some of the green brands, which are tested and recommended by us and our customers:

  • Ecover offers everything from kitchen, toilet and bathroom to all purpose cleaners. Even the Power Cleaner, for instance, is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, which totally biodegrades and fast enough. The brand has been on the market for over 35 years and know very well why recycling of their products is so important for the planet. Ecover products are also softer on skin. Only natural fragrances are used, which disappear quickly and has no harmful effects.
  • Method produces a lot of good stuff from glass and everyday kitchen and bathroom cleaners to hard floor and multi-surface cleaners, which are non-toxic with natural components and biodegradable. They also come in recyclable packaging. Plant-based power-green technology is used to produce the products; they have a rather pleasant smells as well.
  • The Bio-D is a family-owned ethical cleaning brand with an extensive range of products, which provide exceptional results. They are readily biodegradable as they are derived from natural raw materials. Suitable for sensitive skin. The products have a minimum impact on the environment and are cruelty free. Approved by BUAV and Vegan society.
  • EcoLeaf, a green brand which manufactures their products with natural components. They are designed consciously – recyclable, have no toxins or hazardous elements and not tested on animals. The product range covers all main areas of everyday and thorough cleaning. Their products contain natural fragrance and provide great cleaning performance.

You can trust our cleaning expertise – the years of eco-friendly cleaning in London and the knowledge of a large number of products which have been tested. We know what works best giving the desired results without undesired side-effects and reducing many possible harmful effects to the environment.

Have you switched to eco-friendly cleaning in London yet? What’s your ecological footprint? Contact Eco-friendly Cleaning Leaf Company and let us help you. There is a cleaner way to clean and we know how to do it.

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Cleaning schedule from professionals that will help you to stay on top of things.

Not always we have control over things in our lives and it is a relief to know that some parts of life are in our full and sole control – like our homes (unless you have unruly children in which case we should wholly abandon the idea of control whatsoever).


Nice to know that your house could be a sanctuary- clean, tidy and orderly, place where you can relax and put your mind to rest. How to maintain it this way? Easy if you have a schedule. Follow it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you – give the list to them and make sure they stick to it.

Weekly tasks:

– wipe fridge inside out

– vacuum clean and dust curtains and blinds

– vacuum clean sofa’s and under the sofa’s cushions

– vacuum clean under the furniture and behind the doors

– wipe skirting , above the doors, picture rails and picture frames

Monthly tasks:

– Dust air fans (bathrooms and kitchen)

– Clean light fixtures (chandeliers and lamp shades)

– Dust intensively and clean behind the furniture

– clean walls off occasional marks (please make sure the paint on the walls is not water based and will not run)

– clean windows

– check smoke alarms and change batteries if needed, dust the alarm

– check your vacuum cleaner filter, clean it or change it if needed

– deep clean of house appliances – oven, extractor fan, washing machine, toaster, kettle (descaling)

– clean exterior doors

Twice a year tasks:

– air wardrobes and clean them inside

– steam clean carpets

– clean outside furniture

If you need help with Domestic Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleanings well as Domestic Cleaning, One Off cleaning and Spring Cleaning.

Visit our website for more information or call via free phone number:  0800 032 6248

Your Local Domestic Cleaning – Green Leaf Cleaning Services Near You!

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All You Need To Know About End Of Tenancy Cleaning.

All You Need To Know About End Of Tenancy Cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning (ETC) is not a particularly glamorous subject to talk about but the knowledge will come handy if you want to receive your rent deposit back from your demanding landlord or estate agents.

A diligent inventory clerk booked by the landlord/estate agent will pick up on any tiny scratch, spot or not finished to the perfection cleaning. So you would better be first to spot anything which could potentially jeopardise your sometimes hefty deposit, spot it and put it straight.


Now what does an ETC normally include? When asked I answer that that is a thorough cleaning of everything in the property apart from painted walls, ceiling and windows outside.  Majority of London based cleaning companies would carry out precisely the same when booked for this kind of service.

By “cleaning everything” I actually mean absolutely everything including furniture and appliances that there are in the property. It also means carpet/rugs to be steam cleaned too. Some of the agents would be happy with curtains / blinds/ upholstery be just vacuum-cleaned while others find that steam cleaning is an absolute must for these items too.

Here is the list of things which are easily missed by a negligent cleaner or an unexperienced tenant but are not getting overlooked by inventory clerks carrying out their jobs.


  • Soap dispenser in the washing machine
  • Rubbish bin
  • All cupboards inside out – top and bottoms
  • Oven inside and out (including trays and rakes)
  • Extractor fan inside and out
  • Fridge – defrost + inside and out (behind too if free standing)
  • Microwave – inside and out


  All limescale to be removed off:

  • Tiles
  • Shower head- shower hose
  • Taps
  • Toilet bowl above and below water line
  • Shower screen
  • Make sure that extractor has been dusted


  • Skirting
  • Move furniture and dust behind
  • Sofa – take off cushions and vacuum clean under them
  • Under the furniture (bed, tables, chairs, etc)
  • Hoover mattress and under the mattress
  • dust above the doors and door frames
  • Entrance door –clean BOTH sides
  • Electric switchers
  • Door handles
  • Clean entry phone
  • Radiator and behind the radiator

One last thing to mention while talking about ETC. It is not a cheap service so do demand for your cleaners to go back and rectify any mistakes if your check out report is less than perfect.

If you need help with End of Tenancy Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleanings well as Domestic Cleaning, One Off cleaning and Spring Cleaning.

Visit our website for more information or call via free phone number:  0800 032 6248

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Bleach and Green Cleaning – Shall we or shall we not?

When I first came to work in the cleaning industry I didn’t know what a good clean was or what cleaning products to use to assure a good clean. The tablets which you drop down the toilet, close the lid, wait a minute or two and get a toilet bowl sparkling seemed to be an amazing find. We used them a lot while doing heavy duty End of tenancy cleaning. It wasn’t advised though to touch them without robber gloves The equally enthusiastically used was the bleach; in fact at that time the smell of bleach was the smell of cleanness for me, although not very pleasant.


Oven cleaners for the greasy kitchen appliances are another field where very strong chemical are used. There are some very powerful sprays that you cannot use in a closed room and of course a protective gloves needs to be worn. We had a cleaner who incidentally sprayed the solution onto her forearm in a minute the skin was red and chemically burnt. Goes without saying it is always required to wear a protective face mask while using this strong chemical so the vapours could not be breathed in. This is really how professional cleaning is done in many cleaning companies operating in London and the country to ensure a cost-effective and fast cleaning.

I always thought it is the right way; it is how the industry works and how money is made in the field. Nowadays either I have changed or times changed or in fact we all changed and cleaning materials which you do not want to touch, breath in etc. suddenly and swiftly losing their appeal. Using eco-friendly cleaning products sometimes means harder work and more time put in but in a long run it is a much better option for everyone: for you as an individual, for your family and for the environment.

Just why exactly is bleach bad for us you might want to ask Well if the burning sensation you felt in your throat and eyes while using the bleach is not convincing enough and for that you don’t need to have a degree in Chemistry, here are a few other facts:

– The use of bleach and cleaners with chlorine aggravate problems associated with allergies and asthma,
– Cause damage to the nervous system,
– The chlorine mixed with some chemicals and household products such as ammonia, dishwashing soap and others create poisonous gas which sometimes not detectable but still very dangerous to the human body.The chemical reactions produce a number of very toxic elements. Most of these are known as carcinogens, build up in the body as it is exposed to them, and get into the food chain through the water.
– The toxins produced by the chemical reactions with chlorine kill aquatic life and harm animals.

There are 8.173.944 households in London according to Every household has at least one toilet and by each of those toilets quietly stands a bottle of a toilet cleaner or a bottle of bleach. Now let’s do a bit of math. Even if the two thirds of households use bleach as their choice of a toilet cleaner, a standard 700ml bottle a month, which means that 3.814.507 litres of bleach go down the drain every month in London alone. It is nearly 4 Olympic sized swimming pools (the Olympic size swimming pool is 1 mln litres).

That whopping amount of the chemical goes into the soil, waterways and potentially to our bodies with the water and food products we consume.

While some of the cases do justify using bleach cleaning operating theatre for example or blitz cleaning after squatters and drug-users, the majority of the households could be perfectly well taken care of with eco-friendly products, the variety of which is now available from every reputable supermarket.



Tips and Advice from Award Winning GreenLeaf Cleaning Company in London, which provide Eco Green Cleaning Services for Homes and Offices as Domestic and House Cleaning, One Off Cleaning or Spring Cleaning, Move in, Move out, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Commercial and Office Cleaning. For more information and advice please visit our website: